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Eco-style Oasis: Relax in Style in Novaya Borovaya Residential Complex

Soothing light-colored floor tiles and a plush, legless modular sofa welcome you to a spacious and comfortable oasis in the Novaya Borovaya residential complex. Large vases filled with both artificial and live plants infuse the space with freshness and vitality, while the striking bonsai and unique round coffee tables add a touch of distinct style. Natural wood window sills and light-wood accents throughout the space lend a sense of harmony and naturalness. The dining table and chairs, also crafted from light wood, offer a seamless continuation of the theme, and the suspended spotlights on the false ceiling add a touch of elegance and intimacy to the overall ambiance. The sleek cabinet with frosted glass fronts and ample storage space, complete with mirrored sliding doors, adds a modern twist to the space. The light-filled kitchen, with its marble work area and gold-plated fixtures, exudes sophistication and luxury.

The master bedroom, with its soft color palette and natural materials such as wood, cork, linen, and rattan, is the perfect retreat for rest and relaxation. A cozy and peaceful space is created by a screen near the bed, which serves as an element of zoning, and a bed with a soft mattress and pillows in a cohesive style, complete with natural material duvet and duvet cover, provides a comfortable and pleasant place to sleep. Original lighting creates an intimate and warm atmosphere.

The bathrooms, tiled and finished in a concrete look with some walls finished in a natural stone look with darker accents, are designed to be both functional and stylish. A built-in laundry room, in the form of a washing machine and dryer, as well as storage space for linen and household chemicals, is provided.

In the work area, a breather was provided for additional ventilation, as well as a small sofa-couch covered with natural linen fabric.

A jogging track and a green area with plants on the balcony are provided for the residents. Overall, this interior in the Novaya Borovaya residential complex is a perfect blend of naturalness, comfort, and elegance, creating a cozy and pleasant space that harmoniously combines environmental and design solutions.

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ЖК "Новая Боровая"
Alesya Nedelia

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