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What budget is required for the full project implementation?
The minimum budget, required to repair an apartment with a design project, is about 550-600 dollars per m2. The current budget implies the complete facility equipment with furniture, appliances and textiles, but within the low-price segment. The repair budget directly depends on the materials, which will be used in the project as well as furniture, equipment and branding cost. Our customers expect for a budget of about 800-1100 per m2 when repairing an apartment.
Do you provide you services by contract? What is the payment procedure?
Yes, we work by the contract only. The contract describes all our obligations, the iterations (revisions) number for all work stages, our services quality, work terms and cost are provided. In addition, the contract describes our operation algorithm and methodology.

The payment system is phased.

Stage 1 - Specification - Planning solution - 30%;

Stage 2 - Style solution - Outline design - 40%;

Stage 3 - Architectural solution - Working draft - 20%;

Stage 4 - Materials selection - Components - 10%

Such phased payment allows us to guarantee appropriately developed, detailed and accurate project provision. You will pay just after receiving the result and your stage approval, thus overlays and misunderstandings are excluded.






What if you use the materials, which can’t be bought or which will be too expensive?
This is impossible, since we are talking and discussing the budget from the very beginning, while filling out the technical task. Then while focusing on the specification, we remain within the agreed framework in the project creation process. Our interior designers are aware of Minsk suppliers’ assortment and prices.
How long will it take to complete a design project.
As a rule, the design project development period is 1-2 months, but it can be extended depending on the decision-making speed by the Customer and the edits number.
How long will it take to complete the construction work and move in once the interior is completed?
The repair period usually does not exceed 4-6 months based on our experience.
But you need to realize that an additional period may be required for the finishing materials supply, furniture, textiles and decor items manufacture.
Are you able to make a design project on very fast?
It’s impossible to make a full-fledged design project with 3D visualization in less than 1 month, although some interior studios in Minsk claim otherwise. A planning decision is made at least within the first three weeks, the concept and style decision are approved, architectural design is carried out in a week, working drawings are created and the object is forming simultaneously. Faster terms will result in certain mistakes and poor quality, which will result in additional costs and alterations. But we should avoid this.
What if I don’t like the project?
We are sure this is almost impossible, below are provided the reasons:
- Perhaps you looked through our works and liked them;
- when developing the Specification, together we look through the completed interiors pictures and discuss stylistics for each room as well as identify the things we both like and don’t like not;
- we rely on your real needs, create life scenarios in your future space, maximize each room’s potential and provide you with certain options within the budget while filling out the questionnaire.
What should I start with?
It’s better to start with a consultation, including meeting, chat, task discussion and finally realize whether we are suitable for each other.
We sign a contract, introduce you to our team, draw up the specification and gradually create the design project in the event of a positive decision. Be sure to visit our studio to get a consultation, if wishing to order the interior apartment or house design in Minsk.
Where will I find out all that you draw for me?
You need to look for nothing. You will be provided with a fully equipped project with all materials, furniture and equipment, indicating the models, articles and suppliers’ addresses. You are entitled to make purchase either independently or use our services. We are a well-known design studio in Minsk. Therefore, being aware of the fact you are our customers, the suppliers will provide you with a discount and an attentive attitude, since we strictly filter negligent suppliers.
Do you work remotely, I'm from another city (country)?
Yes, of course. We are an interior design studio in Minsk, but we provide interior design services to customers from other cities of the Republic of Belarus and worldwide as well. Our staff consists of designers and other specialists, fluent in English. That’s why, our operation is carried out through live communication via popular instant messengers, including Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, as well as via email, if a customer does not know Russian. Our designers made over 20 projects of apartments, 5 houses, and 2 business objects remotely.

on the project

Maya Shatokhina

Svetlana Chumakova
Art director

on the project

A design project is just the first step towards the interior creation for your life or business. We tend to always look ahead and offer solutions, being far ahead of «today».

Our new approach to design will demonstrate you the shortest and the most effective way from the property purchase to the first appliance day. Creativity, professionalism and pedantry of our team will allow us to implement unique and convenient, functional, thoughtful interior.

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